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Clinical trials are scientific studies conducted to assess the safety, effectiveness, and side effects of new drugs, treatments, medical devices, or interventions in humans. These trials follow a structured and controlled process designed to gather data and evaluate the impact of the intervention being tested.

Clinical trials are essential for the development of new therapies, medications, and medical interventions. They help evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new treatments, allowing researchers to determine whether they are better than existing options or offer additional benefits.

In most studies, health insurance is not required for participation and all study related care is provided at no cost. In most cases, you could receive monetary compensation.

Not everyone can participate in a clinical trial. Therefore, the research team will evaluate a series of inclusion and exclusion criteria that will determine if their participation in the study is possible. Your participation is completely voluntary.

You may refuse to participate either at the beginning or at any time during the trial, without any harm to you or affecting your medical care.

Only through clinical research can we gain insights and answers about the safety and effectiveness of treatments and procedures. Groundbreaking scientific advances in the present and the past were possible only because of participation of volunteers, both healthy and those with an illness, in clinical research.

Clinical research requires complex and rigorous testing in collaboration with communities that are affected by the disease.