Make your recruitment campaigns more effective.

Recruitment Goals

Are you meeting your recruitment goals?

If you already have advertising funds from the sponsor/CRO, we will work within that budget to develop a customized solution specific to your site. With no additional out-of-pocket costs to you , our process is unique and flexible fitting within any budget, no matter the size.

  • Fast proposal creation
  • Personalized design
  • Painless approval process
  • Smart pre-screening

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Recruitment Campaign Management

We are with you every single step of the way.

We know you are busy and developing advertising materials may seem daunting. That’s what we’re here for! Let our seasoned creative team do the design work tailored to your clinical research’s brand and study. After approval of the materials from your site, we will facilitate sponsor and IRB submissions on your behalf.

  • Proposal creation
  • Advertisement material creation
  • Sponsor approval
  • IRB approval

Provide your team with the most reliable tools to run successful recruitment campaigns.

Goal Oriented

Our platform was designed to keep you focused on the most important tasks. Make the most out of your time by prioritizing with our goal oriented pre-screening flow and scheduled reminders.

Real-Time Notifications

StudyProtocol will give you a heads up only when important events require your attention, such as a new referral sign up, set reminders, or when a new task is assigned to you.

Multiple Communication Channels

Easy way to communicate with your potential patients in the way they like. Multi-channel communication in our platform includes calls, text messages and emails.

Integrated Tracking

We use pre-screening interactions and feedback logged by your recruitment team to refine the target audience and deliver better qualified referrals to you.

Team Collaboration

By leveraging reminders, tasks and activity logs, you can keep your team engaged and up-to-date with all recruitment efforts at your site.

Pre-Screening Logs

Take control of what you share with sponsors by exporting complete pre-screening activities or filtered pre-screening logs.

Analytics and reports.

As a research site, you have direct visibility into the recruitment efforts and performance of your team. Our application is designed to report in real-time, eliminating any delays and empowering you to make the right decisions based on facts and not guesses.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Acquisition overview
  • Team performance
  • Pre-screening logs

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