Make your recruitment campaigns more effective.

Comprehensive and advanced approach.

From initial planning to launching and monitoring recruitment campaigns, we are involved every step of the way, providing our expertise and advanced technology to ensure a seamless recruitment experience for sponsors, sites and patients.

  • Personalized campaigns
  • Site on-boarding
  • White glove pre-screening
  • Budget accommodations

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Competitive and flexible pricing models.

Each campaign is crafted in a flexible way, adjusted to specific requirements, needs and budget capabilities.

  • Custom modeled campaigns
  • Adjustable timeframes
  • Dedicated support
  • Active monitoring

Seamless site onboarding and engagement.

Empowering sites by eliminating inefficiencies in the onboarding and pre-screening process with our user-friendly platform and our Experience Support Team.

  • Easy site setup
  • Site training
  • Personal support
  • Meaningful reports

Optimized campaign delivery for better recruitment results.

StudyProtocol uses your budget more efficiently by dynamically adjusting the delivery strategy based on time of the day, the target audience, historical performance and site pre-screening activities.

  • Budget and delivery optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Audience refinement

Take control of recruitment.

All solutions needed to conduct a successful recruitment campaign in one place, and with dedicated support along the way.

Sponsors and CROs

Experienced Team

Whether you are a research site, sponsor, CRO or just interested in clinical research, you can rest assured that when you use, a whole team of experts is constantly working to make your experience smooth and rewarding.

Research Sites

White Glove Pre-Screening

Our pre-screening services are not like anything you have experienced before. We take a unique approach to pre-screening using compliant technologies to make the process more efficient for the patients, sites and sponsors.

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