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ctms platform

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Say goodbye to PDFs and spreadsheets.

Turning static PDFs into actionable digital protocols.

Streamline clinical research operations with our protocol digitalization tool. Increase protocol adherence and gain visibility and control of your finances.

Get rid of spreadsheets and move to StudyProtocol CTMS.

Enhance your research site's performance with our comprehensive, easy-to-use, secure, and innovative Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS).

Subject Participation

Get a seamless subject's clinical trial journey experience.

From screening to trial completion, our system is designed to give you and your patients a seamless experience and increase retention.

  • Friendly reminders to adhere to visit windows and constraints
  • Easy Subject compensation process
  • Informed Consent Form management

Document Repository

Easy and secure document storage and sharing.

From site selection to close-out, manage all site documents in one place and get the full advantage of document team collaboration and history tracking.

  • Centralized document repository
  • Easy access to all documents at any time
  • Secured, compliant, and scalable


Centralized finances for better clarity.

Make budget negotiations become easier and more effectiviness. Easy invoicing and payment tracking, both at the sponsor and site level.

  • Pre-configured invoicing triggers
  • Automatically generate invoices and track payment status
  • Prevent billing errors
  • Standardized invoicing and payment expectations

Everything your team needs

to accomplish the best results

Effortlessly manage clinical trials

Improve study visibility and reduce manual operations.

Stay informed with realtime communication

A platform that guides you each step of the way using notifications, reminders and alerts.

Team collaboration tailored for success

Bring everyone into the loop and improve user accessibility and team collaboration.

All features included.

You have access to all, all the time.

Protocol Version Control

Protocol Version Control Reduce protocol deviations and increase overall protocol adherence.

Subject Compensation

Subject Compensation Increase retention with our easy, transparent and convenient subject payment process.

CTMS - Monitoring Visits

Monitoring Visits Easily schedule and follow each scheduled visit in an efficient way.

CTMS - Study Activities Management

Study Activity Management Create and manange all study activities in one place.

CTMS - Notification and Reminders

Notifications and Reminders Ensure all tasks are completed on time and track team performance per study.

CTMS - Training Tracker

Training Tracker Have high visibility on the training completion status for all study staff members.

CTMS - Advanced Visit Configuration

Advanced Visit Configuration A very flexible tool designed to accurately set up each study visit.

CTMS - Tasks Manager

Tasks Manager Plan Manage and track all your team’s tasks in a flexible and efficient way.

CTMS - Invoice Management

Invoice Management A valuable tool for easy invoicing and payment tracking.

CTMS - Financial Configuration

Financial Configuration By digitalizing the protocol, budget negotiations become easier and more effective.

CTMS - Smart Subject Scheduling

Smart Subject Scheduling Ensure your visits are scheduled within the appropriate tolerance window.

CTMS - Inform Consent Forms (ICF)

Informed Consent Forms Manage your ICFs and allow the system to alert you of reconsents and avoid deviations.

CTMS - Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage Conveniently store your files securely as we encrypt them at rest while also tracking usage

CTMS - Multi-language

Multi-language We provide multi-language capabilities allowing you to do the work in your preferred language.

CTMS - Send SMS Messages

SMS Capabilities Real-time patient engagement through text alerts, notifications and reminders.

CTMS - Subject Management

Subject Management Keep all your patient records in one easily organized and accessible location.

CTMS - Financial Projection

Financial Projection Forecast and project anticipated monthly revenues. (coming soon)

CTMS - Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority Get work done efficiently by delegating tasks to the right team member. (coming soon)

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